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Child of Kamiari Month Gets First Trailer | Adilsons

Child of Kamiari Month Gets First Trailer

Cretica Universal's official YouTube channel releases the first trailer for Child of Kamiari Month anime film. The 60-second trailer began streaming on Saturday. The film has been scheduled to release in 2021 after the delay in its original opening date in 2020.

Plot : 

After losing her love for running after her mother's death, Kanna makes her way to Izumo City through the workings of Gods. In the old Japanese calendar, the month of October is called "Kannazuki" ("the month of no gods"). Whereas in Izumo, it is called "Kamiarizuki" ("the month of gods") due to a legend that the various gods of Japan gather at Izumo Shrine in October.

Production Crew :  

Tetsuro Satomi from LIDENS FILMS will be the animation producer. Kazuya Sakamoto is the creation director. Takana Shirai has been credited with the original concept and as the animation director whereas Toshinari Shinohe will be handling planning and is credited with the original work. Michihiko Suwa and Teppei Mishima are the project planners and producers.Tetsuro Takita and Ryuta Miyake will be penning the script while singer-songwriter miwa will provide its theme song. 

Cast : 

The voice actors for the film are :

  • Aju Makita as Kanna 
  • Maaya Sakamoto as Shiro 
  • Miyu Irino as Yato

  • The project was announced by Cretica Universal along with its first crowdfunding campaign in March 2019. The campaign marked the beginning of the project's 'first commit' from March to May 2019. The second crowdfunding campaign that ran from July to August 2019 served as its "second commit." The third crowdfunding campaign ran from April to June.

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