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Anime similar to Nobless

It isn’t too hard for one to find vampire manhwa amongst the ever-growing industry. For instance, an excellent fusion between vampires and romance is Orange Marmalade. However, Noblesse by manhwaga Son, Jae-ho, and artist Lee Kwangsu, has got to be one of our all-time favourites. Despite focussing on a character who’s over 800 years old, it also takes a modern outlook on vampires. It is a manhwa that clearly depicts the efforts and thoughts of its writers.

If you’re in dire need of a change to a similar manga, we have all the right alternatives for you. Following are 6 mangas you can watch to satisfy your thirst.

Vampire knight

Cross Academy, like other normal schools, has classes during the day as well as night. Or is that really normal? The night classes are for a specific bunch of attractive individuals who can also be referred to a vampire. Organising the two different batches of students, along with ensuring that they work to the best of their abilities, Yuuki Cross is the adopted daughter of the chairman of the school, trying her best to strike a balance between those who love humans and those who hate them. 

Sharing the theme of schools with vampires hasn’t been foreign to mangas and manhwas, and neither are Noblesse and Vampire Knight; Both stories involve attractive vampires trying to blend into the school, hoping to go unnoticed. A classic example of a shoujo vampire story, Vampire Knight by mangaka Hino Matsuri gives its viewers a dramatic but a shoujo romance plot we end up loving. Starting from volume 1 to volume 19, Vampire Knight is sure to keep you hooked on to it because of its gothic tones and well written plot line.

Crimson Cross: Shi ga Futari wo wakatsu made

Having to live up to his family’s prestigious legacy, Karl has to set upon a journey which requires him to make highly crucial decisions. Being a vampire hunter from the Van Helsing family, he finds himself turning into one of whom he was born to kill. However, Karl is now targeted by an elite vampire called Elliot, who has quite a few plans up his sleeve. Even though Karl somehow manages to retain his humanity, he is conflicted as to which side his loyalty must reside – the humanity he has grown around, or the creature he is now turning into?

Keeping aside the snide comedy in Noblesse, it also contains subjects of dark matter. Cadis Raizel, the protagonist of Noblesse, is seen to be striking a balance between living peacefully amongst humans and facing his vampirical urges. We believe that’s exactly what makes this manga stand out. Minus the comedy, this show is quite similar to Noblesse as we see Karl as a vampire, and as someone who sympathizes with humans as well; this aspect makes us fall for the show even more.

Blood Parade

The sole job of the Twelve Apostles is to annihilate the vampires all over the world. However, the rank of the Apostle is not easy to attain. One must show utmost courage, strength, and fortitude to join the ranks. In order to achieve said rank, Gil’s third and final test is to assassinate a certain vampire called Aran. However, a female named Luna is assigned to travel alongside him for the completion of this task. It is uncertain as to whether or not Gil will be able to complete the task, while he finds the answers to various questions; Who is Lune and why was she assigned specifically to him?

If you’re up for some core vampire action, instead of cheesy romance and a lot of drama, we recommend you to watch Blood Parade, a great creation by mangaka Karasawa Kazuyoshi. Following a shounen theme with a pleasant action sequence, we looked forward to a longer plotline. However, we thoroughly enjoyed what was given to us and hope the same for you. 

Dance in the Vampire Bund

Someone has wiped out and paid for the entire debt Japan was laying under. Not one knows who did this for Japan, and the reason behind this. Except one; Mina Tepes, the supreme leader of all vampires. Her only goal is to create a safe environment for vampires, where they can live without the fear of being hunted. Despite Mina’s kind gesture, there are some who would be ready to assassinate her in a heartbeat, and they are. However, there is a chance her efforts won’t go in vain as she is accompanied by an old lover/friend who has recently recovered his memories. 

Come to think of it, it is realistically very hard for vampires to co-exist with humans; they’re basically walking food for vampires. But Mina is trying her best to establish unity between the two communities. The plotline flows quite smoothly, with fun-filled action-packed moments. This creation of mangaka Tamaki Nozomu is one filled with mind-blowing dark themes to quench your thirst for mangas similar to Noblesse.


Blood Alone

Misaki is a being with powerful and supernatural abilities. She just isn’t one to rely on them, as most would refuse to even think of her as a blood sucking creature. She prefers to blend in with the humans so she can be close to Kuroe, the love of her life whom she secretly admires. However, Kuroe was once a vampire hunter, but now writes about supernatural investigations. Being exposed to so many threats due to his line of work, Misaki thinks she can take matters into her own hands and maybe make a vampire out of Kuroe. 

Talking of fantasy romances, Blood Alone by mangaka Takano Masayuki can absolutely satisfy your inner cupid with just the right amount of mystery in it. Although having dealt with many issues regarding discontinuation of the series, every new read keeps us hooked on to it. We don’t know when it will reach an ending, but like Noblesse, with each publish, our curiosity leaves us wanting more and more of this tremendous anime. 

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