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10 Manga like Tales of Demons and Gods | Adilsons

10 Manga like Tales of Demons and Gods

Tales of Demons and Gods is an excellent action adventure fantasy manga to lay your hands on. The story follows Nie Li's second chance at life after being slain by the Sage Emperor. Equipped with his knowledge and skills, Nie Li aims to protect his loved ones and his city from the impending attacks by demon beasts. Rich with fantastical premise, well-written characters and a gripping story - one can't help but be drawn to similar style of content. Here, we've listed 10 Manhua/manhwa/manga that are similar to Tales of Demons and Gods. 

  1. Tower of God

Tower of God is a manhwa now adapted into an anime that centers around a mysterious tower that provides great challenges to those who dare to climb it. It is said that those who manage to climb the tower would receive a mysterious treasure. Shrouded in secrets, the tower manages to attract people. The story follows Twenty Fifth Baam who is oblivious to the nature of the tower but when his only companion disappears into the tower, he decides to find her and live away from the darkness. Much like Tales of Demons and Gods, Tower of God is extremely exhilarating to read with intriguing characters and eye-catching action scenes. 

  1. Against the Gods 

Against the Gods is a Manhua follows a boy who carries with himself a popular treasure that people covet. Due to this, he's always on the run. However, one day he flings himself off a cliff with the treasure and awakens in the body of another boy with the same name but in a different world. With the treasure, of course. Similar to Tales of Demons and Gods, Against the Gods also addresses the main protagonist who gets a 'second chance' at life and who owns an item from his previous life. Both the stories have a strong protagonist that'll grab your attention. 

  1. Battle Through the Heavens 

Battle Through the Heavens is a story of Xiao Yan who was considered a child prodigy. But while growing up, Xiao Yan faces a dire consequence that takes everything away from him. All hope is not lost when he attempts to rebuild his life once again and learn what the meaning of everything that he held important so far. Much like Tales of Demons and Gods, Battle Through Heavens believes that no one in life is ever stuck in one position - life has its highs and lows. The action, character development and its underlying message makes Battle Through the Heavens one of a kind. 

  1. The Gamer 

The Gamer is a Manhwa that focuses on a high school student Han Jee-Han who discovers that he possesses a unique ability called "The Gamer". This ability allows him to view life similar to a gaming interface with stats, levels, and skills. Although his real life may be a game, Han Jee-Han realized the consequences of what this ability brings. Much like Tales of Demons and Gods, the main protagonist is confronted with a new life and a way to rebuild his life from scratch. The Gamer is a fun read as it traces the hilarious antics of the protagonist as he navigates his new life. 

  1. Transcending the Nine Heavens 

Transcending the Nine Heavens is a Manhua that traces the legendary tale of the ninth master of the Nine Tribulations Sword, Chu Yang. Chu Yang spent his life attempting to perfect his martial arts technique however, the day of his death sneaked up on him. Much to his shock, he is provided a second lease on life when he wakes up in the body of his 16-year-old self with a newfound power. Tales of Demons and Gods also has an extremely similar tale where the protagonist wakes up in the body of his 13-year-old self. They both pen a tale of what it means to rectify past mistakes and build a future that they regret less. 

  1. Campione! 

In the world of Campione! No being is more powerful than a Campione - a God Slayer. The newest addition to Campione, is 16-year-old Kusanagi Godou who earned his title by killing a heretic God. Now an all-powerful Campione, Godou must slay the devious Gods spread all over the world. Campione! Is a harem/action manga that is delightful to read. Don't let the "harem" in it bring you down because it actually works quite well with the story. In terms of its similarity, both the stories have a protagonist wielding extremely powerful abilities. 

  1. Mushoku Tensei : Jobless Reincarnation 

Mushoku Tensei : Jobless Reincarnation is a Japanese light novel that centers around Rudeus Greyrat, a prodigy with exceptional intellectual abilities and a special sense of being. This is because Rudeus Greyrat has access to experiences from his previous life and is determined to live his second life with as many less regrets as possible. If the aspects of rebirth from Tales of Demons and Gods was intriguing to you, then this manga will definitely catch your attention. 

  1. Re:Monster 

Re:Monster is a Japanese web novel which follows Rou, a former human, who is reincarnated into the weakest race in the world - goblins. As a Goblin that is able to retain his memories as a human, life is definitely hard. However, Rou is determined to live his life to the fullest despite the hardships that come with being part of the weakest race in the world. The web novel is a highly motivating novel and immensely engaging with regard to the main character who carries the story with his tenacity. 

  1. Douluo Dalu (Combat Continent/ Soul Land)

Douluo Dalu is a Chinese web novel that follows Tang San who is reborn into the world of Douluo Dalu and is determined to become a Spirit Master. In his previous life, Tang San had committed an unforgivable crime and eventually threw himself off from Hell's Peak after fulfilling his desires. He is reborn into the action-driven world of Douluo Dalu where combats take place in the form of mystical soul battles. One of the major takeaways from reading Douluo Dalu is the incredible and evenly paced character development of the characters. 

  1. Binbougami ga! (Good Luck Girl!) 

Binbougami ga! Is a manga that centers around the conflict between fortune and misfortune. The manga has two protagonists - one is the extremely fortunate Ichiko Sakura who possesses great wealth, health, talent and luck albeit at the expense of others and the other is the Goddess of Poverty, Binboda Momija, who hopes to restore balance in the world by opposing Sakura and providing her moments of misfortune. While Binbougami ga! Is more inclined towards a comedic tone - the aspect of a God trying to balance the world by inflicting misfortune on a person is similar to Tales of Demons and Gods. 

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