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Cosmo Blazer

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***EACH BOOSTER PACK contain only 9 cards***

In ancient times, a legion of evil souls were banished to the heavens, to endure centuries of imprisonment. Now they have seen the error of their ways, and the strongest of these souls have returned to Earth, to make things right and do penance for their crimes.

Returning to their original forms, each has also gained the power of a mighty animal spirit, which they can manifest through their legendary weapons. No longer merely men, these immortals now walk the earth as Beast-Warriors from the very heavens.

Cosmo Blazer brings you the first eleven of these souls, with weapons in their hands and animal spirits in their hearts, assembled together as The Brotherhood of the Fire Fist. Their mission: To cleanse the earth of evil with the fires of the heavens!

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Horse Prince
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Lion Emperor
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Tiger King
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From their celestial prisons, the Brotherhood of the Fire Fist spent thousands of years watching events unfold on Earth. They’ve seen every war and witnessed every battle that has ever been. The result is their total mastery of every fighting style known to man!

Tap into this vast memory of strategic thought by using their special “Fire Formation” Spell and Trap Cards, which give you the strategies and skills to break any foe.

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The domination of the Brotherhood of the Fire Fist comes from the combination of their personal strength with their mastery of tactics:

  • “Fire Fist” monsters allow you to Set new “Fire Formation” cards directly from your Deck. (You don’t even have to draw them!)
  • Once activated, your “Fire Formation” Continuous Spells and Traps give you a constant edge over your opponent. Each “Fire Formation” has special powers, PLUS they pump up the Attack Points of all your “Fire Fist” monsters.
  • You can use your “Fire Formation” cards on the field to fuel your “Fire Fist” monsters’ super abilities. Destroy your opponent’s monsters, draw extra cards, or Summon more “Fire Fist” monsters from the Deck!

To guarantee your victory, these fires of heaven will continue to burn, and burn, and burn. Use Fire Fists to get Fire Formations, then use the Fire Formations to fuel more Fire Fists’ powers, then deploy new Fire Formations after that! Keep adding more fuel to the fire until you finally incinerate your opponent’s defenses, and snuff out their Life Points once and for all!

Legends say that every star in the sky holds one person’s destiny. Ignite the fires of YOUR destiny with the Brotherhood of the Fire Fist!


Blazing Bestiary

Legendary creatures walk among us, unseen!

Hazy Flame monsters began with ancient legends, but are now surrounded by flames so intense that they melt reality. This makes them invisible, so your opponent cannot target them with card effects. The only way to destroy Hazy Flame monsters is with mass destruction, or by battle – and defeating them in battle can be tough because they’re all Level 6.

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Level 6 monsters normally need to be Tribute Summoned, but a Hazy Deck can bring on the heat with two secret weapons: the Continuous Spell Card Hazy Pillar and the Continuous Trap Card Hazy Glory. These cards let you Summon Hazy Flame monsters for 1 less Tribute than normal. Since Level 6 monsters just need 1 Tribute, these cards reduce that requirement to zero – so you can Summon with no Tributes at all!

Hazy Pillar adds more fuel to the fire by attaching your Hazy Flame monsters to your Xyz Monsters as extra Xyz Material. This lets you keep using your Xyz Monster’s effects even after its initial materials have burned out.

You can also use Hazy Pillar to keep stacking Xyz Materials on the Rank 6 Xyz Monster, Hazy Flame Basiltrice. Basiltrice is unique because its Xyz Material recipe is open-ended. You need at least 2 monsters, but you can use up to 5. The more materials Basiltrice has, the more powers it gains! And if you use Hazy Pillar, you can keep loading it up with Xyz Materials until all of its powers are unlocked.

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One more thing: one of the Hazy Flame monsters has flown the coop! Look for Hazy Flame Hyppogrif in the Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure Deck (available in February).

Remember: Only you can prevent Hazy Flame attacks! (Too bad you can't see them.)


Light Your Fire

FIRE Decks are notorious for their ability to deal damage to the opponent directly through card effects, without even bothering to attack. Cosmo Blazer adds 2 important new tools for Decks like this: Bonfire Colossus and Kickfire.

Kickfire is a Continuous Trap that gains counters when your FIRE monsters are destroyed by card effects. Then you can send Kickfire to the Graveyard to do 1000 damage for each counter it has.

Ah… but what if your opponent tries to get around Kickfire by refusing to destroy your monsters with card effects? Not to worry! Special Summon Bonfire Colossus and use it to destroy your own monsters. This might seem a little reckless at first, but you can put Bonfire Colossus’ hungering flames to good use by building counters on Kickfire.

This combo works even better mixed with the “Fire King” monsters from the Onslaught of the Fire Kings Structure Deck. “Fire Kings” activate additional effects when destroyed by card effects, so you’ll get those effects, and get counters on Kickfire, and have Bonfire Colossus on the field!

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More Monsters from the Deep

The Mermail tide keeps rolling in, with five new Mermails, including 2 gigantic mermonsters!

Mermails know that the best way to fight fire is with water, so they’re bringing one of their biggest guns to the front lines: Mermail Abyssleed. This Level 7 mermonster adds a Spell or Trap to your hand when it’s Summoned, and gives you one of the most feared abilities in the game – the power to send an opponent’s card from their hand to the Graveyard every turn!

Mermail Abyssteus is the easiest mermonster to Summon so far, requiring only 1 WATER monster. Abyssteus is more of a defender than an attacker, but lets you grab any Level 4 or lower “Mermail” from your Deck when Summoned.

Use Mermail Abysstrite to protect your other Mermails from attacks and card effects. And if she’s ever destroyed, you get to replace her with another Mermail from your Graveyard.

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As the Mermail armies continue to rise from the ocean depths, who knows what greater terrors still lay in store for the future?


Pre-Xyz History

In the old days, there were no Xyz Monsters. If you long for such days to return, then use the immortal power of the Elves to turn back time, and relive the days before Xyz Monsters ever existed, with Mystical Fairy Elfuria.

Each turn, you can reveal a WIND monster in your hand. Until your next turn, only monsters of that Level can be used to Xyz Summon – locking out all other Xyz Summons!


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Pity the Fool

Whoops, somebody let the Fool of Prophecy into the Spellbook Library. And look at the trouble he got into!

Opening the Spellbook of the Master has transformed him into the Reaper of Prophecy, with 3 different effects depending on how many Spellbooks are in your Graveyard. Use the Fool to get more Spellbooks in your Graveyard, so that Reaper has even more powers activated.

Spellbook of the Master is a real wild card, because it acts like a free copy of any “Spellbook” Normal Spell Card that you’ve already used! Choose your favorite, most powerful “Spellbook,” because Spellbook of the Master will do whatever that card can do.

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Many other exciting cards await you in Cosmo Blazer:

  • New Noble Knights
  • New Blackwings
  • New ZW Weapons
  • New Xyz & Syncro Monsters
  • And much, much more!


Cosmo Blazer contains 100 cards:

48 Common Cards
20 Rare Cards
14 Super Rare Cards
10 Ultra Rare Cards
8 Secret Rare Cards

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