Anime Bundle Mauritius (MCB Payment Only)



  1. Select the products from the stock list on our public google drive here (file is 34MB). There are 3 sheets, first is a general pricelist without images but it contains all our stock, the second sheet contains products images of what we have been able to show so far.
  2. Once you selected the products, complete checkout for this product on this page here
  3. Select Buy It now
  4. Then click on go to checkout
  5. Input all your contact information (its best that you create an account with us and then you log in or select login if you are a previous registered customer)
  6. Select go to shipping
  7. On shipping method, select “pick up” (we will finalize the delivery method off the website, remember we just need a system order number to keep tracking)
  8. On payment tab, select BANK DEPOSIT
  9. Confirm your billing address
  10. Click on complete order
  11. Wait a little
  12. Once the new window appears, you will see the details to make payment to us via MCB
  13. Save those payement information and message us on the Whatsapp number provided with the system order number along with your desired product list.
  14. We will deal via messages with you so that you can select your products depending on stock availability and confirm you total order price.
  15. Once the order is finalised, you will get the total order amount.
  16. Proceed to make the payment on our MCB account.
  17. Ensure that you put the ORDER NUMBER in the details of the payment
  18. Send us the proof of payment via whatsapp.
  19. It is done. We will either proceed with delivery as agreed or make the order available for pick up
  20. For delivery, please provide us with your exact location via google map


You can choose either door to door delivery service or postal delivery                

Adilsons Door to Door Delivery Services         

Port Louis: Rs150-200
Pamplemousses: Rs300-350
Riviere du Rempart: Rs350-400
Moka: Rs200-250
Flacq: Rs350-400
Black River: Rs300-350
Savanne: Rs350-400
Grand Port: Rs350-400
Plaines Wilhems: Rs300-350


Delivery during weekend only. Google location should be provided.         
Any order above Rs3000 will be exempt from delivery fee            
Postal Delivery charges is Rs150 for products weighting up to 1kg              


A summary of the main points in the process

1. Select your products from our stock list
2. Create an order on our website to generate an order number for tracking
3. Afterwards, contact us on whatsapp to confirm the order
4. We will quote you the final amount
5. Make payment via MCB
6. Pickup your order, or we will delivery according to your selection on Saturday only.



1. We will not take queries for products which is not shown on the excel list. Any queries outside the stocklist should be sent to us on our instagram account
2. We will post a update the stocklist frequently and we will inform on our social media
3. We will not be showing much clothing which require size confirmation at this stage
4. If you place an order but you fail to comply with the conditions stated like you do not complement the payment within 1 day, we will
a. cancel your order
b. refund your payment
c. and reserve the right not to take further online orders from you.
5. We accept payment to our MCB account only at this moment. No credit card, No PayPal accepted.
6. You can ask someone else to pay on your behalf, but that person will need to put your order number and your last name (if space allow) which will be generated by the system in the details section when making the payment. No need to mention Adilsons. Recap: Order Number + Your Last Name