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  • Let's Talk Games- Hotline Miami
    January 7, 2022 Yash Kumar

    Let's Talk Games- Hotline Miami

    Hotline Miami is a top-down shooter video game initially released for Microsoft Windows in 2012. Since then, it has been adapted for release across multiple platforms, including the PS3, PS4, PS Vita, Android, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, with its most recent import being released in 2020 for Stadia. The single-player game puts you in the shoes of an unnamed, silent protagonist (dubbed by the fanbase as “Jacket”) and chronicles your missions against the Russian mafia in a story divided across twenty chapters. Critically acclaimed, this cult classic is the focus of Adilsons’ first Gamers’ Insight for 2022! What follows is a spoiler-free overview of the game intended to give our readers an introduction to a masterpiece that has cemented itself into the foundation of modern era PC games and gaming culture.
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  • Let's Talk Games: Shadow Fight 2
    October 28, 2021 Yash Kumar

    Let's Talk Games: Shadow Fight 2

    Released on October of 2013, Shadow Fight 2 is no stranger to the world of fighting games and has been rated as one of the most successful games of its kind to hit the mobile entertainment industry. It's a game most of us have already picked up at some point but you'll seldom come across someone who's actually beat the entire thing. This was certainly the case with me as my smartphones wouldn't outlast the time it would take to advance till the end of the campaign. So that's the challenge I placed on myself this week: beat Shadow Fight 2 in 4 and a half days. And after lots of grinding and gaming under the table in class (definitely not recommeded!), I finally hacked, slashed, punched, kicked, sliced, smashed and dashed my way to the very end of the game. 

    This week, we're taking a look at Shadow Fight 2!
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  • Let's Talk Games: Dead By Daylight Mobile
    September 3, 2021 Yash Kumar

    Let's Talk Games: Dead By Daylight Mobile

    Adilsons is looking beyond the realm of mangas, anime and cosplay culture and we've stumbled upon an unexplored haven of pure adrenaline-pumping goodness: digital gaming! This week, we're shifting the focus of our limelight into the unexplored and convoluted depths of one of the most exciting mobile games to catch our eye: Dead By Daylight Mobile! Join us in our first ever gaming review blog as we guide you into the purge created by a monstrosity known only as... The Entity
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